• I wanted to tell you that the session I did with you has been somewhat surprising. It seems that the overwhelming grieving around my mom has really changed … I have lived with it for years, and it is very odd for it not to be there. I have purposely “looked” for it—scanning my body for her pain—and it just seems to be gone! Believe me, this is huge! So, I thank you deeply! After the death of my boyfriend, I lost my sense of taste and my appetite. After that was addressed in our session, I immediately went out for Chinese food! Everything tastes great now and I am eating everything in sight.


  • I must say-the day after the session I woke up in the morning and I felt on top of the world. Things don’t seem to bother me as much as they used to.
  • I was severely depressed and really ready to end my life; after just one session I immediately felt this new excitement to live my life fully.
  • I was in a state of full emotional distress. I had a failing marriage and career. The stress had begun to manifest itself physically (cancer and doctors said I was on my way to a heart attack). I have a new love for myself, happiness returned to my marriage and I suddenly loved my job. No more cancer and no heart attack risk. I am amazed!


  • I was weeks away from having knee surgery. I had a series of sessions to prep her for the surgery. During one of my sessions the knee pain disappeared. To the total astonishment of my doctors and after running some additional test they where able to conclude that the surgery was not longer necessary! This was huge!
  • I have always had severe complications following surgeries such as post-operative bleeding, unusual edema (swelling), most often having to have drainage tubes put in and left in for several days. You performed pre-surgery treatment on me several days before my last surgery and I must say I came though with flying colors. There was minimal discomfort after surgery, waking up from anesthesia was so easy which never has been in the past. I have had for the very first time no complications!


  • Lucy was much better today! She actually ran for a ways without getting winded, Mikey loved it. They’re starting to be good pals. The vet thought she was turning the corner as well!
  • I didn’t quite trust my eyes, but Rosie was limping barely at all, almost imperceptibly. She walked across the yard to me without any limp at all first thing in the morning and made me cry, I couldn’t believe it. The day before she was hopping, wouldn’t even put her problematic leg down. Yesterday, she was putting her full weight on her bad leg and walking smoothly, trotting, and seemed very frisky. Today, she is hilariously joyful. We took her out on a long walk, and she pranced and leaped and ran just like always, big grin on her face. She keeps running in to see me and get a hug, smiling and presumably laughing. I feel certain she is healing. I keep telling her our goal is to confound and freak out the vet.
  • Our 11-year-old dog developed a skin allergy to several medications the vet had put her on. One caused itching which then caused her to lick her paws all day long. Your session stopped the itching and licking.
  • I called about my cat who had diabetes. I was concerned about bringing her in due to the stress of traveling with a cat that only cat owners could understand. Jeffrey eased my fears by telling me he does distance session for house pets for it is much more comfortable for them. I was not sure if I believed in it or not but I was desperate for the vet had wanted to increase her medication as the diabetes was getting worse. After the third session I was due to have to take her into the vet again. The vet was in the back for an extra long time reading the latest tests and I was becoming concerned. The vet apologized for taking so long but they said they had to run the test three times for they were completely baffled. There was no signs of the diabetes anymore!


  • I’ve been like the energizer bunny and have dropped 12 pounds. I’ve gained motivation and momentum to move forward. Jeffrey, I can’t thank you enough! I’ve regained confidence and now I feel very positive.


  • To my utter surprise, this helped me release deep-seated traumas from childhood, which I learned were now causing my physical ailments. I felt the emotional pain leave me. The whole experience was so gentle. And there was no need to relive the experiences like in talk therapy. I don’t know of any other method that could permanently and so quickly clear such deep, traumatic, emotional issues in such a gentle, non-invasive, peaceful way.


  • Our daughter still can’t stop raving about how much she enjoyed the session. She told her skeptical father that her eyes are much better. He asked her what she could see differently. She said, “Nothing, I can just see more CLEARLY!” I noticed the absence of the usual “lazy eye” that so troubled me. I was very enthused about that! Now the Doctors are telling us she does not need surgery and the eye doctor said her eyesight has actually improved that she may not longer even need to wear glasses.


  • I did not think I needed to see Jeffrey, my wife just told me I had to. I did not even believe in this stuff. I did not tell Jeffrey much other than I had some minor aches and pains that I thought was normal for a 68-year-old guy. This work totally surprised me! The aches and pains just went away and they have not come back! And I feel like I an now 48. But, even  better than that, during one of the sessions, Jeff asked about a scar I had. My wife and I never told him about the scar. It was under my shirt so he could not have seen it. He also did not know that a few months prior I had surgery to remove tumors from my intestines. After [the doctors] sewed me up [the tumors] started growing back and the doctors did not know why. I still do not understand it and I dont care but somehow my body told Jeffrey about my tumors and scar and why and how to heal them. The doctors could not believe it or explain it.  I still don’t believe it or can explain it but all the tumors have disappeared. 


  • Not only am I free of the recurring infection that brought me to your office, but thanks to the emotional releasing during and after the session, my days are filled with a sense of inner peace and calm, which I have not known since my early childhood. The sleep disruptions I was experiencing have all but disappeared and my body truly relaxes, for the first time since I can remember.


  • I was recently diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. I had tried all things suggested by doctors when they first diagnosed it at stage 2 and said they caught it early and was still treatable. I had tried all things suggested by natural doctors, diets, cleanses herbs…. Now the doctors had told me there was nothing else they could do and I needed to get my affairs in order. I had nothing else to lose so I tried sessions with Jeffrey. To my total astonishment and the doctors too, I show no sign of the cancer! And all the other chronic pains I have been having for years have disappeared too!


  • Jeff, this is incredible! My back and hip are very, very much better immediately after your session. Thanks sooooooooo much. 


  • A gentleman came in who had such a severe allergy to cats that any exposure would almost instantly trigger troubling allergy symptoms. A few days after his sessions, he and his wife were visiting a friend of theirs who owns cats, and by the end of the evening the cat was lying on his chest, purring away!
  • I thought you would be interested that today, for the first time, Sarah colored inside the lines doing an art project. No matter how thick they have made the lines, no matter how much modeling they have done, she has never colored inside the lines or even seemed to care about coloring inside the lines until today!


  • I feel so relaxed it’s unbelievable! All I wanted to do when I got home was stretch out my legs and hips, and take a nap of course. It’s like I am literally unwinding. Wow that was a biggie today!


  • The first session I had was great, I was very relaxed and felt good. The second time was amazing and I was so relaxed and comfortable. After that session I had no desire to smoke and have been smoke free ever since. Thank You, Jeff, I will be grateful to you forever.


  • After our session I had the highest fever I can ever remember and when I woke up the nagging flu and cough that I have had for weeks was just  gone like I never had it.


  • The first night after our session I was free of my pain for the first time that I can remember and I slept without taking pain medication.


  • I was amazed when all my PMS symptoms simply disappeared during our session. But what is truly incredible is as soon as I walked outside your office I noticed that my eyesight had improved!


  • Being the proverbial skeptic, I did somewhat poo-poo the long distance session, but I feel GREAT! Darn, I hate to admit that I was wrong!
  • I do thank you for the long-distance session. My daughter fell at work and seriously injured her back. She has herniated discs and considerable pain. She was taking medication for muscle relaxation and pain, and as a result her bowels were quite constipated. Very unusual for her. She related that she was resting quietly on her bed during the designated time for your long-distance treatment. Shortly after the session, she was definitely no longer constipated. She told me she had never had the experience of wanting to thank some one for making her “poop.” But consider yourself thanked, Jeff.


  • I have been terrified of snakes. Hearing about snakes, seeing them in a move or book, or seeing an actual snake all had the same effect on me. My hands would sweat and my heart would race. I would replay the incident over and over. Jeff did an Active Memory on me with snakes as the issue. I drove home and there was a snake on my driveway. I could not get into my garage without waiting for the snake to move. I had an initial startle then became curious. What kind of snake was it, what did it look like? I watched until the snake crossed my driveway and then drove into my garage. I had no further thoughts about the snake. I continue to feel very differently than I have in the past. I am not in any stress telling of the incident and have not had replays in my head of a negative nature. I do not feel repulsed and did not have sweaty palms then nor in the retelling of the incident. My heard did not race then nor now. I did have humor about the irony of having the opportunity to see a snake so quickly after doing the Active Memory about fears and phobias. A life changing event for me for which I am very grateful.
  • My son just came back from a week in California with his dad for intensive phonics training. It went really well and he didn’t disorient hardly at all. The instructor, a phenomenal linguist, whom he had seen about three years ago, couldn’t believe how much my son had progressed. You would be pleased with his handwriting. He can write a page at a time and it is legible.
  • I shoot lacrosse balls every day. Over the last four years I dont think Ive missed a day or if I miss a day I’ll shoot three hours extra the next day. After my sessions with Jeff today I am calling to let you know I am shooting the best I have EVER shot in my life . . . . ever . . . . under any circumstance! It is crazy! Jeff told me that after this session my body would be feeling better and would be working more in sync. My body and my brain have turned that corner and Im hitting it and I havent missed yet! Its really crazy. I have never shot this well! It may not sound like a big deal but it is a huge deal to me. Thank you.
  • Dear Jeff, [Steve] seems free from the presence and we find ourselves wanting to spend time with him, watching with a new curiosity at the change in his character. This whole event is so life changing for all of us. [Steve] seems stronger and more confident when speaking and is expressing himself with more ease. He is more engaging, warm and playful. There seems to be a softening in his face and his eyes have light within them. The best way to describe this shift would be like knowing someone, and seeing a person’s potential, and hoping that with some encouragement and nurturing you could bring about a realization. However this just isn’t enough. With this session he seems more self actualized, more fully aware of his strength and potential, more positive.
  • I called Jeff for help because of a very eerie and unsettling feeling that came over me (this was after my husband’s nephew had committed suicide – the nephew had tried unsuccessfully to kill himself several years ago, and his life was basically ruled by alcoholism, very tragic.) Jeff worked with me by phone, as I could not shake this horrible feeling, like the person who had killed himself was invading me. After Jeff’s very supportive work, I felt the almost monstrous fear lifting and a light peacefulness came over me. This has remained, and I am ever so grateful for Jeff’s help.

DURING A LECTURE During his lecture, Jeff spontaneously shared a story about a family he worked on plagued with illness that spanned five generations, finally tracing it back to the elderly great-grandfather who was still alive and unable to pass on. Jeff did a session on the great-grandfather to help ease his situation and said his inability to pass on was due to issues his son still had with him that had not been dealt with.

I nearly burst into tears as he shared that portion of the story. I had no issues with my father whom I love and admire dearly. I was, however, given a clear picture that I was selfishly holding on to my father because I didn’t want to lose him, and that I needed to release the hold I had on him.

A few weeks later, I received a call from my brother in Oregon. He said that my dad wanted to get all the kids on the phone because he had something to share. Later that night my two brothers and dad called me.

My father shared the following . . .

He said that approximately two weeks earlier (we discovered it was the same night as the lecture with Jeff), he had an experience unlike anything he has ever experienced before. My father is quite spiritual, and so for him to say this, it had to be quite profound, particularly since he is 87 years of age, he does not always remember what happened earlier in the day. He said that whatever came over him, he felt renewed, like he was flooded with new life and saw the world from an entirely different, more positive perspective. He stopped smoking immediately and had not smoked for the past two weeks. [He had smoked since his youth].

I am convinced that my dads encounter occurred the night I was sitting in Jeffs lecture. I believe Jeff was so tuned in, that he was able to share the story of the father and son in a way that would profoundly affect not only someone in the same room (me), but someone 2000 miles away as well (my dad).

A few weeks later … my phone rang. It was my father stating that since he was feeling so much better now, he may live a lot longer than hed originally planned, so he may end up traveling and remarrying and spending all his money, leaving none behind for his kids! So he was sending me a check for $5000 to help with my down payment of my new condo!