“Quantum Physics presents a picture of reality in which the observer and the observed are inextricably interwoven in an intimate way.”
P. Davis and J. Gribben in The Matter Myth.

To Date:

Even with all of our science and technology, we really do not know the complete answer to “how it works.” We are just scratching the surface on the theories. The only thing we really do now for sure is that IT DOES WORK and there are countless case studies from all over the world from different healing systems who use remote or distance work as part of their practice and get great results.

Where would we be if the caveman waited for science to explain how fire worked before he was willing to use it?

Prayer has been, in it’s simplest form, demonstrated over and over again to be a very successful mode of ‘facilitating a healing’ from a distance. Doctors and Nurses have seen time and time again a dramatic difference in the recovery of a person who has been prayed over vs. one who has not.

The Simple Science:

Our knowledge of science and technology is at the stage of infancy to even begin to explain what we have been doing for thousands of years. In just the last year we have actually developed a technology to photograph meridian channels in the body. The meridian channels are something that Eastern Medicine has been working with for 4000+ years with incredible results in healing of the body-mind.

Here is what we do know:

It was discovered when live cells from the same person were separated by a large distance, that whatever is done to one of the cells in one location is immediately reflected in the other cells 1000’s of miles away.

Quantum physics describes a similar phenomenon known as Unified Field or Non-local Quantum Hologram: information via the mind/body complex can be accessed between two or more connected parties without the parties being in the presence of each other. They are now calling this Quantum Entanglement.

Christopher Clark’s Quantum Mechanics, Consciousness and the Self goes on to explain his belief that “Quantum Entanglement is an essential aspect of conscious perception.” This supports other physicists’ theories that Quantum Entanglement may be the new frontier in explaining the way the mind works.

Since elementary school we have been educated on the important use and understanding of Quantum Entanglement or as we learned back then: energy fields projecting beyond a physical body; i.e. the earth’s gravitational field or two magnets pulling or opposing each other. What about all the concerns of a cell phone’s EMF’s (Electromagnetic Field)? There is nothing paranormal to us about these material bodies extending a field of energy beyond their surface. So why can’t we do the same thing? Why can’t we expand our own field?

We can and we do. Ever start thinking about someone and about the time it would take him or her to pick up the phone and dial your number your phone DOES ring and they are on the other end and the conversation starts with a “Wow, I was JUST thinking about you.”

As Quantum Physics and Quantum Entanglement have already proven under so many examples of these field-to-field interactions, like those listed above, our brain/mind can extend itself through these fields too. Quantum Entanglement has shown that these fields are real in the sense they can resonate with and effect other systems that are under their influence. Simply put, put your attention (extend your field of observation) on something and a measurable shift occurs.

Studies have shown that the concentration of attention (observing) is not limited to or confined to the physical matter of the brain, thus its effect seems not to be limited at a distance either. Projection takes place through these fields of what they refer to as Quantum Entanglement to extend beyond the mind, connecting the Observer (Practitioner) and the Observed (Client).

  • P. Davis and J. Gribben in The Matter Myth explains, “Quantum Physics presents a picture of reality in which the observer and the observed are inextricably interwoven in an intimate way.”
  • In 2004 Nature news report “Quantum Mechanics says, observing the world tends to change it”
  • Rupert Sheldrake states “Vision is rooted in the activity of the brain, but is not confined to the inside of the head.”

So how does an Observer (Practitioner) find the Observed (Client) at a great distance? Again, to be honest we really don’t know. But what we do know is like a set of fingerprints each person vibrates at their own unique frequency. And via the vehicle of what we are currently calling Intent, for in the world of Quantum Physics everything works through intent, the mind can move along the Fields of Quantum Entanglement and the Observer (Practitioner) can then ‘connect’ with the Observed (Client). Thus the Practitioner can facilitate a session for the client by observing. Even at a great distance.

Not to long ago, a mere 130 years ago, people stopped laughing at the “impossible” idea that someone could actually talk to one another over a copper wire Just 70 years later in the late 1940’s people stopped scoffing at the ‘ludicrous’ idea that now they could talk without a wire at all! And now, people can talk to anyone anywhere in the world at anytime and be driving a car, riding a bus or train and there be nothing connecting them but air right?

We take for granted when we press a button the car doors are going to unlock just our car and not everyone else’s in the parking lot. We take for granted that the tv remote will change to the channel you want to watch, or the right person will answer their cell phone no matter where they are and what we are doing even if it is going 75 down the highway. We take for granted the technological complexity of what takes place when there is simply a sender and a receiver.

Remember we started off by saying that our technology is just at the infancy stage and even with all the advancements, we already take so many for granted. Some day when science finally catches up to explain how Remote/Distance Sessions work, we will then take the whole concept of Remote/Distance Sessions for granted too. For many people, they already are.


Cell signaling also known as Extracellular Signaling

In order to respond to changes in their immediate environment, cells must be able to receive and process signals that originate outside their borders. Individual cells often receive many signals simultaneously, and they then integrate the information they receive into a unified action plan. Cells have receptors that bind to signaling molecules and initiate a physiological response. there are hundreds of receptor types found in cells, and varying cell types have different populations of receptors. These receptors make cells extrememly sensitive to events in the atmosphere, pressure, light and energy. The receptors are capable of transforming  external signals into internal ones. Because membrane receptors interact with both extracellular signals and molecules within the cell, they are able to  affect cell function. Not all receptors exist on the exterior of the cell. Some exist deep inside the cell, or even in the nucleus. At any one time, a cell is receiving and responding to almost countless internal and external signals capable of triggering a chain of events that carries the signal into the cell’s interior, and amplifing it to the rest of the body as well. Cells can also send signaling other cells. Some of these have been recorded to travel great distances to reach their targets, making the ‘body’ one of the most sophisticated wireless device on the planet. We have only tapped into the very tip of it’s full potential.


Distance sessions are entirely non-invasive and with the elimiation of travel before or after a session and other enviromental stresses, a result, at times distance sessions may yield even greater results.

The session will begin at the scheduled time. Your environment it ultimately your choice. We would reccommend to relax in a comfortable position. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by family, other computer programs (emails), phone or home disruptions or interuptions.

We also suggest to keep it simple: Allow for a few deep relaxing breaths.

Notice any sensations, or experiences during the process. They may be subtle or strong. Your only job is to observe only and not to interpet them in any way.

Some sensations experienced may include:

  • Feeling Warmth 
  • Tingling
  • Coolness
  • Stomach rumbling or gurgling
  • Static electricity
  • A change in air pressure
  • Humming or ringing in ears
  • Seeing flashes of colors, lights or images with eyes closed
  • Feeling weightless or light
  • Feeling heaviness or pressure
  • Tightness
  • Emotions
  • Tired or sleepy
  • and more…

If at any time a sensation is feeling to be uncomfortable allow for deep brealths to breathe through it and know it will pass.


Available to you in the comfort of your own home at a time that is most convient to you. Don’t let time somes or scheduling difficulties prevent you from receiving the benefits. Sometimes, due last minute events you are unable to attend a session with us live. In this case, you are able to listen to the recorded session.

After doing thousands of these sessions we have found that attending live or listening the recorded session has equal effect.


This budget-friendly option is perfect for those who  are ready to to restore balance, bring inner harmony/peace or relaxation. These sessions are to aid in re-energising the body, support the body’s immune system and recovery from daily stresses or specific support during difficult times in your life.

They afford accessibility and reduce the need for travel, which is particularly valuable for clients who are physically too unwell to travel

We consistently receive the feedback that individuals thexperienced that the session was “just for them”.  

After 1000’s of sessions it is clear that group sessions are exceptionally effective.


We encourage you to monitor how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. Often a general sense of well being is common.

Healing is individually. Sometimes you may feel very obvious sensations sometimes you will feel nothing. This does not mean nothing is happening. Often we are so stressed the body has become ‘numb’ and sensations are just masked while the healing is occurring on a deep level to which the individual may not be aware.


Puantum physic’s view of reality supports the possibility that we are composed of energy fields that expands into realms that we are beginning to experience and study. Some see it as a holographic view of the universe. From this perspective all things are interconnected. What is exciting is modern technology is now developing equipment and techniques to measure these electromagnetic field emanating from our physical body.

We are able to now see and record how the body is composed of layers of energy. This is not new information. Many traditions speak of these layers we can now measure, and  discuss various healing methods practiced for thousands of years throughout the world.

    • Ancient East Indian medicine, an over 5,000 years old technology, teaches of a ‘universal energy’ called Prana. This universal energy is seen as the basic constituent and source of all life.
    • The Chinese, in the 3rd millennium B.C., posited the existence of a vital energy called Ch’i or ‘universal energy’ composed of 2 polar forces: yin and yang. When these yin and the yang energies are balanced, the living system exhibits optimal physical health. An ancient art of acupuncture helps encourage balancing the yin and yang energies.
    • Aura or Energy Field is the subtle aspect and extension of our physical body that holds our feelings, thoughts, reactions, attitudes, relationship patterns, belief systems, etc. These fields are intimately interconnected to our health. Our physical body directly respondes energy field. Therefore, any weakness, blocks or imbalances in this energy field can affect the health of our physical body and vise versa.
  • Barbara Brennan’s book “Hands of Light” is an excellent source of the History of Energy Healing