(previously known as BodyTalk)

EvolveCare is a form of holistic health care that listens to the body as it determines what aspects of it’s own healing system needs repair and how it wants to make those repairs. Its function is to enhance the whole body-mind complex – meaning the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body.

EvolveCare utilizes a method of neuromuscular biofeedback, also known as muscle checking, as a means of initializing a Yes/No system of communication with the Innate (inborn) Wisdom of the body.

The EvolveCare Practitioner follows a comprehensive protocol to draw the mind’s awareness to areas of miscommunications in the body that are creating various issues and imbalances that need healing. Then, with gentle tapping, the body restores the necessary lines of communication so it can heal itself as nature originally intended, often in the most profound ways.

Each system, cell, and atom is in constant communication with each other at all times. Through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life, however, these lines of communication can become compromised or disconnected, which then leads to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental well-being.

Reconnecting these lines of communication enables the body’s internal mechanisms to function at optimal levels, thus repairing and preventing disease while rapidly accelerating the healing process. In this way, EvolveCare stimulates the body’s innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels.

EvolveCare has revolutionized how we understand health, healing and use wellcare methods. EvolveCare incorporates the very best of energy medicine, science and medical knowledge and applies it in a simple, safe and effective way to address the whole spectrum of health.


Cellular signaling also known as Extracellular Signaling

In order to respond to changes in their immediate environment, cells within the body must be able to receive and process signals that originate outside their borders.

Individual cells often receive many signals simultaneously, and they then integrate the information they receive into a unified action plan.

Cells have receptors that bind to signaling molecules and initiate a physiological response. there are hundreds of receptor types found in cells, and varying cell types have different populations of receptors. These receptors make cells extrememly sensitive to events in the atmosphere, pressure, light and energy. The receptors are capable of transforming external signals into internal ones.

Because membrane receptors interact with both extracellular signals and molecules within the cell, they are able to affect cell function. Not all receptors exist on the exterior of the cell. Some exist deep inside the cell, or even in the nucleus.

At any one time, a cell is receiving and responding to almost countless internal and external signals capable of triggering a chain of events that carries the signal into the cell’s interior, and amplifing it to the rest of the body as well.

Cells can also send signaling other cells. Some of these have been recorded to travel great distances to reach their targets, making the ‘body’ one of the most sophisticated wireless device on the planet.

EvolveCare leverages the body’s own form of cellual communication to connect with and communicate with the Innate Wisdom of the body (wheter in person or at a distance) to support the clients healing and wellness journey.

We have only tapped into the very tip of it’s full potential.


The body has a natural inborn ability to heal and regulate itself on all levels: Physically, Mentally/Emotionally, Environmentally and Spiritually.

The EvolveCare System refers to this inborn innate ability as the Innate Wisdom of the body.

“It is the natural job of the Innate Wisdom to constantly seek optimum balance and health.”

Simple everyday stresses can cause miscommunications to happen within the Body-Mind Complex inhibiting the proper and ideal functioning of the Innate Wisdom to take place.

EvolveCare reestablishes/restores these communications, supporting the Innate Wisdom to function as nature intended. The EvolveCare approach simply helps the body becomes aware of itself.

The EvolveCare approach is a way to allow the body to release, relax and heal. 


Tapping to facilitate the healing process has been used for thousands of years and has been incorporated into many current healing systems because of its notable effects to encourage change.

EvolveCare has adopted this “tapping” process as part of the process.

Many systems have discovered that by lightly tapping the head then the heart the body seems to correct the dis-ease and store it for lasting heath and healing.

Tapping of the Head: “reevaluates” the health and creates a change.

Tapping of the Heart: “distributes” the change and stores it for lasting results.

The light tapping on the head and heart is used to facilitate the process needed to reestablish the communications required for the natural innate healing process to occur and to store the memory of those changes.


Some time you will experience an immediate response from an EvolveCare Session. This can range from gurgling of the stomach (visceral release of energy in the diaphragm) or spontaneous ease or total release of a chronic pain or dis-ease. You may even feel energy tingling in your hands and feet or other areas of the body. On the rare occasion, there is an emotional release.

Sometimes you may “feel nothing”, how ever this does not mean that the session did ‘not work’. What a person experiences during one session often varies from one session to the next session.

We have become so “numb” as a society that it may take several sessions for the client’s body to release the walls of protection to allow the client to become more sensitive to the sensations of their body releasing and healing. Even when very significant changes occur, it may not always be obvious to us at first.

Sensations may be subtle or very obvious and never invasive. Your only job is to observe only and not to interpet them in any way.

Some sensations experienced may include:

  • Feeling Warm
  • Tingling
  • Coolness
  • Stomach rumbling or gurgling
  • Static electricity
  • A change in air pressure
  • Humming or ringing in ears
  • Seeing flashes of colors, lights or images
  • Feeling weightless or light
  • Feeling heaviness or pressure
  • Tightness
  • Emotions
  • Tired or sleepy
  • and more…

We know from a great deal of clinical experience that significant changes are always occurring regardless of what someone may or may not feel during a session.

We have become so “numb” as a society that it often may take several sessions or more for the client’s body to begin to release the walls of protection to allow the client to become more sensitive to the sensations of their body releasing and healing.

Even when very significant changes occur, it may not always be obvious to us at first.



The EvolveCare practitioner and client often begin the session by discussing what issues the client wishes to address. The client may then sit in a chair, or for a more relaxed experience, lie face up on a massage table. The practitioner usually stands or sits by the client’s side so they can use the client’s arm to muscle check (using a form of neuromuscular biofeedback) the priorities the body wishes to address during that session.

The session begins once the practitioner establishes a communication dialogue of “yes/no priority” with the Innate Wisdom. The EvolveCare practitioner facilitates the session by flowing throughout the Protocol Chart asking for priority destination points.

Linking these destinations in the sequence the innate sense dictates, reveals the formula needed to reestablish optimal communications within the body. Once all the information is gathered and the formula is confirmed as the priority to balance and heal, the practitioner lightly taps on the client’s head, and then heart. That’s it! The body does the rest, and the healing begins.

When people experience EvolveCare for the first time, they may notice some changes to their current state of general health. Sometimes the changes are very significant: chronic symptoms disappear, a hyperactive child calms down immediately, or aches and pains seemly seemingly just dissolve.

Sometimes health improvements are subtle and gradual and not so obvious to the person for a number of weeks. These common yet subtle improvements come in the form of things such as, a person starts sleeping better over time, or their digestion improves, head aches go away and chronic pains begin to subside.


“Quantum Physics presents a picture of reality in which the observer and the observed are inextricably interwoven in an intimate way.”

~P. Davis and J. Gribben in The Matter Myth.~

To Date:

Even with all of our science and technology, we really do not know the complete answer to “how it works.” We are just scratching the surface on the theories. The only thing we really do now for sure is that IT DOES WORK and there are countless case studies from all over the world from different healing systems who use remote or distance work as part of their practice and get great results.

Where would we be if the caveman waited for science to explain how fire worked before he was willing to use it?

Prayer has been, in it’s simplest form, demonstrated over and over again to be a very successful mode of ‘facilitating a healing’ from a distance. Doctors and Nurses have seen time and time again a dramatic difference in the recovery of a person who has been prayed over vs. one who has not.

The Simple Science:

Our knowledge of science and technology is at the stage of infancy to even begin to explain what we have been doing for thousands of years. In just the last year we have actually developed a technology to photograph meridian channels in the body. The meridian channels are something that Eastern Medicine has been working with for 4000+ years with incredible results in healing of the body-mind.

Here is what we do know:

It was discovered when live cells from the same person were separated by a large distance, that whatever is done to one of the cells in one location is immediately reflected in the other cells 1000’s of miles away.

Quantum physics describes a similar phenomenon known as Unified Field or Non-local Quantum Hologram: information via the mind/body complex can be accessed between two or more connected parties without the parties being in the presence of each other. They are now calling this Quantum Entanglement.

Christopher Clark’s Quantum Mechanics, Consciousness and the Self goes on to explain his belief that “Quantum Entanglement is an essential aspect of conscious perception.” This supports other physicists’ theories that Quantum Entanglement may be the new frontier in explaining the way the mind works.

Since elementary school we have been educated on the important use and understanding of Quantum Entanglement or as we learned back then: energy fields projecting beyond a physical body; i.e. the earth’s gravitational field or two magnets pulling or opposing each other. What about all the concerns of a cell phone’s EMF’s (Electromagnetic Field)? There is nothing paranormal to us about these material bodies extending a field of energy beyond their surface. So why can’t we do the same thing? Why can’t we expand our own field?

We can and we do. Ever start thinking about someone and about the time it would take him or her to pick up the phone and dial your number your phone DOES ring and they are on the other end and the conversation starts with a “Wow, I was JUST thinking about you.”

As Quantum Physics and Quantum Entanglement have already proven under so many examples of these field-to-field interactions, like those listed above, our brain/mind can extend itself through these fields too. Quantum Entanglement has shown that these fields are real in the sense they can resonate with and effect other systems that are under their influence. Simply put, put your attention (extend your field of observation) on something and a measurable shift occurs.

Studies have shown that the concentration of attention (observing) is not limited to or confined to the physical matter of the brain, thus its effect seems not to be limited at a distance either. Projection takes place through these fields of what they refer to as Quantum Entanglement to extend beyond the mind, connecting the Observer (Practitioner) and the Observed (Client).

  • P. Davis and J. Gribben in The Matter Myth explains, “Quantum Physics presents a picture of reality in which the observer and the observed are inextricably interwoven in an intimate way.”
  • In 2004 Nature news report “Quantum Mechanics says, observing the world tends to change it”
  • Rupert Sheldrake states “Vision is rooted in the activity of the brain, but is not confined to the inside of the head.”

So how does an Observer (Practitioner) find the Observed (Client) at a great distance? Again, to be honest we really don’t know. But what we do know is like a set of fingerprints each person vibrates at their own unique frequency. And via the vehicle of what we are currently calling Intent, for in the world of Quantum Physics everything works through intent, the mind can move along the Fields of Quantum Entanglement and the Observer (Practitioner) can then ‘connect’ with the Observed (Client). Thus the Practitioner can facilitate a session for the client by observing. Even at a great distance.

Not to long ago, a mere 130 years ago, people stopped laughing at the “impossible” idea that someone could actually talk to one another over a copper wire Just 70 years later in the late 1940’s people stopped scoffing at the ‘ludicrous’ idea that now they could talk without a wire at all! And now, people can talk to anyone anywhere in the world at anytime and be driving a car, riding a bus or train and there be nothing connecting them but air right?

We take for granted when we press a button the car doors are going to unlock just our car and not everyone else’s in the parking lot. We take for granted that the tv remote will change to the channel you want to watch, or the right person will answer their cell phone no matter where they are and what we are doing even if it is going 75 down the highway. We take for granted the technological complexity of what takes place when there is simply a sender and a receiver.

Remember we started off by saying that our technology is just at the infancy stage and even with all the advancements, we already take so many for granted. Some day when science finally catches up to explain how Remote/Distance Sessions work, we will then take the whole concept of Remote/Distance Sessions for granted too. For many people, they already are.


Sessions can range from 25 to 35 minutes. The duration of a session is not indicative of the quality of the session or what results may occur.

Jeffrey is a master craftsman and brings many tools to his sessions thus less “table time” and more “processing time” between sessions is needed. What used to take Jeffrey 10 to 12 sessions with necessary return visits once or twice a week he can now do in about 10 -15 minutes and return visits every in four to six weeks.

EvolveCare is driven by the innate healing wisdom, so you can be assured you will always receive exactly what your body needs that day.


Some people experience significant “shifts” or healing after the first visit. In other instances, numerous sessions may be needed, as the condition may be very deep or long-standing. Although EvolveCare is famous for many such one to three session “miracles”, we ask you not to put stress on your body by expecting it to solve a 20-year-old chronic problem in only a visit or two.

Many people desire to continue to have regular follow-up sessions for maintenance as a continual “tune-up” to keep their body at maximum health and vitality. Some even continue having sessions to help enhance their spiritual growth and or other personal growth agendas: money, relationships, professional advancement, sports enhancements….

If you have any concerns on the amount of visits, just know your Innate Wisdom will guide the EvovleCare Practitioner, to the details of if you need to follow up and when would be an optimal time for the follow-up session to take place.

Severe Illness: If someone has a severe chronic illness the symptoms will most likely be alleviated to some extent. However, these chronic conditions usually require more than just one session to specifically address the deep underlying imbalances for longer-lasting results.


Children and babies seem to respond quickly and benefit greatly from EvolveCare sessions. Blending EvolveCare into your child’s life can have profound effects on their physical and mental development, moods, health, activity levels and learning abilities.

Pregnant moms and new borns respond very fast to EvolveCare sessions. The practitioner often uses a surrogate (normally one of the parents) to ask questions of the baby’s body. This is very beneficial since we don’t have a form of verbal communication set up with babies.

If the baby is experiencing constipation, feeding problems, gassy, colic or fussiness they tell us by crying! If there are any blocks or emotions the baby is holding on to it might be displayed through the body as an uncomfortable symptom.

EvolveCare is so gentle often a baby will fall asleep during or very shortly after the session. Parents are fascinated about how in depth their baby’s consciousness is from newborn and up. It is amazing to watch a newborn relax into a state of ease and bliss as an EvolveCare session is being performed on them right after birth!


Pets can also benefit greatly receiving EvolveCare session. The same principles that apply to the balancing of the human body-mind applies to animals as well. EvolveCare for Animals has a significant impact on an animals health status.

Owners with pets of any type notice changes in the general health and stress status of their animal companions often quite quickly. Sometimes the changes are dramatic, i.e. a highly agitated animal calms down immediately. Sometimes the improvements are gradual and do not register for a number of weeks, i.e. an animals severely itchy skin becomes healthier and the animal ceases obsessive scratching habits over time.

Once an animals health has stabilized into a healthier pattern, the preventive capabilities of the techniques help maintain that balance, preventing new health issues from arising. Animal techniques are being used to complement an animals veterinarian care and accelerate healing.

In addition, EvolveCare for Animals is practiced and used to enhance performance and reduce anxiety. For instance, if you are working on training your dog, sessions can be used to increase its ability to pay attention and learn quickly. Because sessions can be used to reduce nervousness of an animal, the techniques can be a tremendous tool for animal health-care professionals to calm their anxious clients, increasing the animals comfort and the safety of the staff.