Discover how you can profoundly enhance your health and the health of those around by taking EvolveCare Courses.


Attend one of our lectures to find out what EvovleCare is all about! Through our lectures, we will introduce you to this progressive system of energy medicine that is changing the healthcare paradigm. You will learn about the in-depth philosophy behind this comprehensive healing modality, as well as a little about the technique that is the basis of sessions. The lecture will conclude with a live EvovelCare demonstration with a lucky volunteer from the audience.

If you would like to have a lecture in your area, contact us for details.

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EvolveCare Basics – Self Care: 

A 3 hour course designed to teach anyone from 9 year olds to 90 year olds from lay people to healthcare practitioners a way to bring about significant improvements in health for themselves .

The program consists of 5 simple and easy to learn techniques that take only ten minutes total to apply. Following the Basicis Protocol daily, people have noticed significant improvements in immune system responses, better mental focus and clarity plus able to address many other health changes they may be having.


You will be also taught Fast Aid technique which has become very effective in first aid situations for yourself.

EvolveCare Basics – Others Care: 

3 hour course. This is the ‘part 2’ to the EvolveCare Basics. This is designed to teach the techniques learned in Basics -Self Care and how to properly, safely and ethically use the same techniques on others (friends, family and clients)

The techniques are fun and easy to learn and safe to apply to anyone at anytime!

Cost for EvolveCare Basics – Self: $150

Cost for EvolveCare Basics – Self and Others: $200

Prerequisites: None

EvolveCare Membership: Not required

NCBTMB Members: 7 CE’s available

EvolveCare Practitioner Basics:

These class  will give you a fundamental understanding of the EvolveCare System as well as the techniques and the knowledge to start using this amazing system of energy healing immediately! These comprehensive courses consist of the theoretical aspects behind EvolveCare as well as lots of opportunities for hands-on practical application.

The material you will learn  will be the basis of all further learning and exploring you chose to do with EvolveCare. The wide array of material taught covers everything needed to become a certified practitioner. Both the theory and the practical aspects of the EvovleCare techniques are covered. You will be give detailed manuals and travel Protocol posters as part of the course.

The elements addressed in this course are as follows:

  • Left/right brain and body co-ordination,
  • Energy blockages associated with birthplace or imbalances with the local environment, Energy faults within the main brain cortexes,
  • general and localized hydration,
  • health problems associated with internal and external scarring
  • specific balancing of the major body organs
  • specific balancing of the major endocrine systems
  • specific balancing of other major specific body parts
  • addressing viruses, infections, parasites, food intolerances, environmental allergies and accumulated toxins
  • addressing past and present emotional blockages, and psychological disorders
  • specific balancing of 36 surface energy points that often impact a person’s energy level, mood, overall structural integrity, muscle tension, and digestive system
  • specific balancing of surface energy that can cause pain in specific parts of the body
  • specific balancing of the lymphatic system including all the body lymph glands and the lymph ducts
  • specific balancing of energy blockages associated with the nervous and circulatory systems
  • specific balancing of various energy systems within the body including the traditional acupuncture meridians and the Chakras
  • restoring energy balance between the client and certain aspects of their environment, including work/school, friendships, intitmate relationships and family
  • specific balancing of brain function and improvement of the circulation of nerves and blood to, or within, specific areas of the body
  • addressing any hereditary and/or environmentally influenced cell disorders
  • specific balancing after damage from vaccines
  • full body reciprocal balancing

Cost for EvolveCare Practitioner Basics: $1800

Prerequisites: EvolveCare Basics – Self and Others 

EC Membership: Not required

NCBTMB Members: 34 CE’s available

EvolveCare Certified Practitioner: This will be to get you ready for your certification. The focus will be on further exploring and practicing of the techniques that will provide a great opportunity for you as the practitioner to refine and perfect your skills.

  • Deeper understanding of how to use the Exploring Chart and Protocol.
  • Learn great tools in Muscle Testing.
  • Discovering the best way YOU muscle test and how to get clear and confident yes/no’s. Learning how to visualize the formulas forming.
  • How to train yourself to think out of the box.
  • Introdution into Building or growing a Private Practice.
    1. We will hit on some of the key aspects on how to build your practice quickly, solidly and cheaply.
    2. How to get your clients to work for you.
    3. Learn some of the secrets used to build a very busy practice.

Cost for EvolveCare Practitioner Basics: $1000

Prerequisites: EvolveCare Basics – Self and Others 

EvolveCare Membership: Not required

NCBTMB Members: 34 CE’s available


  • “Jeff’s work is AMAZING and his classes are one of a kind. Jeff is an instructor who is not interested in showing you how much he knows. He is interested to have you walk out of the course with: I get it! I can do this – now! A true sign of a gifted teacher.” Marita Küfe Sr. BodyTalk Instructor
  • I have taken classes for years and for the first time I believe I really ‘get’ and own the information and apply it and really experience the links. Jeff’s AP class is a must for all students. ~LM
  • Jeff really makes the class for you. I thought I could never see or feel the links… yet, Jeff instills such confidence and his teaching tools are so well done that everyone in the class could ‘see’ by the end of class. He is clearly a teacher’s teacher. ~SF
  • I have taken many, many, MANY classes, and I have to say is THIS IS THE GUY TO LEARN FROM! ~RT
  • He has this great gift of presenting the material in a way that everyone can learn.~ DS
  • My life has never been the same, since! I swirled with the excitement of the possibilities! The drone would get loud but the HOPE was louder yet…he spoke of ALL the possible ways to receive the information and they touched on all of the five senses! I can’t “see”.. So he said ok, maybe you’ll hear it. I can’t “hear” so he said ok, maybe you’ll feel it… I can’t….. Each can’t met with a new way to let my right brain free. And so.. The shackles were taken off and I am soaring! Soaring in the energy of freedom… The “allow” process, the beingness of no judgment.. And the VERY COOL aspect of knowing that if nothing is coming there is “still” another way… EVERYONE can do it! ~MB
  • “Jeff brings a genuine, competent, professional presence to his classes and most importantly a personable, warm, kind, light heartedness to each individual student. GREAT GREAT learning experience!” FS
  • “His sense of humor made the class fun and extremely informative. What an exceptional teacher!” IJ
  • “Jeff’s gentle compassion and clarity to individualize his teaching methods so everyone got it in they way they needed to understand it was most impressive! It was an honor to learn BodyTalk from him. FK “
  • “A really gifted instructor.” TB
  • “Jeff was so accessible and kind. His gentle nature made for such a wonderful learning experience.” EM
  • “I have taken many, many, MANY classes, and I have to say is THIS IS THE GUY TO LEARN FROM!” RT
  • “Jeff was so empowering and confident in his teaching, my skills have totally improved!” MF
  • “What a loving and enthusiastic Instructor! He has such an easy manor about him. The class went by so fast! His passion and love for BodyTalk is infectious.” SC
  • “Simply an excellent and professional presenter of BodyTalk.” BN
  • “Jeff explained it in a way that EVERYONE could understand it and learn it. I find that very commendable and he did it with such a joy and effortlessness.” DL
  • “What a joy. Jeffs honesty and humanness really shined. What a skill to teach in a way that everyone could learn and experience what being a practitioner is really about. He seems to really listen to the questions and answer in a patient way that the askie could really get it.” MD
  • “Well organized, clear and FUN!” KA
  • “Jeff was very sensitive to everyones needs and held such a beautiful space for each to be comfortable where ever their skill was at. Thank you Jeff.” SH
  • “There was flexibility with structure. What a great way to learn.” AP
  • “Whoever gave the nicest feedback, Ill double it, heck Ill triple it!” RR
  • “Phenomenal presentation with explanations!” GK
  • “Jeff caries such an air of graciousness. I really enjoyed learning from him.” LA
  • “I got a session from Jeff, the boy definitely got skills.” SB
  • “What an AWESOME Instructor! The material was presented in a clear and logical manner.” RS
  • “What did I like most? The personality, sincerity and knowledge of the Instructor. He is the best!!!” VH
  • “I appreciated his frankness. Excellent PowerPoint Presentation. It was VERY helpful.” CH
  • “Jeff has such a playful sense of humor.” NC
  • “His professional and very high loving intent. An incredible way of weaving story with application with results with technique made a most enjoyable class.” CL
  • “I have taken several of the courses. Take it from Jeff.” MG
  • “He has this great gift of presenting the material in a way that everyone can learn.” DS
  • “Trust me, I have been doing this work for years… take this course form Jeff! He is clearly one of the finest Instructors in the Energy Healing world.” LL
  • “Passionately presented, well organized and enthusiastic. Jeff made the course so much fun.” KL
  • “The integrity and care from the instructor created an environment of safely and acceptance.” LC
  • “Jeff is funny and smart feeding us for 4 great days.” AS
  • “I was very impressed with Jeffs teaching. Truly an incredible instructor and BodyTalk.” JK
  • “Jeff is a Teachers Teacher. His quality of teaching is astounding! He is the best teacher I have experienced. I loved how available and kind he was.” EA
  • “I have taken the course several times and Jeff brought me to a whole new understanding and skill level. He is truly the best.” CB
  • “Jeff cares deeply about his students and about the system . . . and it shows! He is an excellent, even extraordinary, instructor. His classes are as entertaining as they are informative.” MJ
  • “Jeff is insightful. The course is great and would be good for anyone, advanced or beginner. It is great to meet an instructor who is a servant of “life, not a servant of ego.” EKJ
  • “Jeff presented an immense amount of material/information in a clear, calm, concise way with confidence, patience and humor. I saw and experienced first hand the tremendous shifts that occur, even with new students doing the sessions in class!” JC