Welcome to the evolution in health and well-being for yourself and others.

Your Body


to heal itself.

sometimes it needs help.


and your Body knows exactly…


…it needs to do first.

…it needs to do next.


…technique(s), system, modality, will support its ability to heal itself.


…to coordinate the additional support to establish well-being.


…the session is finished.

…it needs a follow up.

What is EvolveCare?

EvolveCare is a culmination of thousands of years of knowledge in the realms of health, well-being and healing.

EvolveCare is a living database, accessible to anyone interested in the ongoing attention required to sustain health and well-being.

EvolveCare has and continues to organize and integrate the countless modalities, systems, protocols, techniques and all other information that we have learned up to today (and have yet to uncover and discover) about health and healing.

EvolveCare is considered to be a living being. It chooses to embrace all approaches that have the intent to support health, healing, well-being and growth. EvolveCare is designed to always be in development, always learning, always growing, always improving, always evolving.

EvolveCare recognizes the harmony and the interconnectedness of all things and takes into consideration all aspects of the: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social/lifestyle, values, beliefs, cultural background and environmental factors of an individual.

EvolveCare understands that sustained health and well-being requires ongoing attention that each session is unique to the individual and the moment.

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Raves & Praise


I was in a state of full emotional and physical decay. I had a failing marriage and my company was falling apart as I could no longer run it or lead my teams. My health was suffering as the stress had begun to manifest itself physically (i.e. back pain, migraines, severe digestion issues, no sex drive, and the doctors said I was on my way to a heart attack). I now have a new love for myself, happiness returned to my marriage and business had its best quarter ever and surpassed our 7 figure goal!! No more no heart attack risk either! I am amazed at how much I have changed! Thank you! Thank you! This is how life should be lived!

Dominic R.


This helped me in ways no therapy has before,  (and I have tried A LOT). This helped me in ways no prescription drugs have helped (and the doctors tried giving me A LOT). 18 years ago I was diagnosed with DID [dissociative identity or multiple personality disorder] due to the level and amount of abuses I experienced as a kid. I now had pages and pages of physical issues too. This stuff Jeffrey does, I cannot even begin to explain but it helped me release most, if not all the traumas I experienced as childhood and as an adult. Oh! even the physical scars on my body have changed to. Most are barely noticeable when before if I would wear a t-shirt or shorts, people would stare. It was incredible, during the very first session I felt so much emotional pain leave me. It just left. The whole experience each time was so gentle. I loved it. And there was no need to relive the experiences like in talk therapy. I don’t know of any other method that could permanently and so quickly clear such deep, traumatic, emotional memories and scars in such a gentle, peaceful way. And I no longer have the DID diagnoses either!

Jessica S.


I did not think I needed to see Jeffrey. My wife just told me I had to. I did not even believe in this kind of stuff, so I did not tell Jeffrey much other than I had some minor aches and pains that I thought was normal for a 68-year-old guy. This work totally surprised me! The aches and pains just went away and they have not come back! And I feel like I an now 48 again. But, even better than that, during one of the sessions, Jeffrey asked about a surgery and a scar I had. My wife and I never told him about the surgery or the scar. The scar was under my shirt so he could not have seen it but he somehow knew about it. He also did not know that a few months prior I had surgery to remove tumors from my intestines but they started growing back almost immediately and the doctors did not know why.  I still do not understand it and honestly, I don’t care, but somehow my body told Jeffrey about my tumors and my scar and why they were there and how to heal them. The doctors cannot explain it and I still don’t believe it but all the tumors have disappeared!

James B.


“It was a year after returning from serving my country. I started suffering from severe PTSD and constant nightmares. It effected everything. I was severely depressed. My health, my ability to think and function was declining fast. It was destroying my marriage with my husband and my relationship with family. At times I was suicidal. I started emotionally eating and drinking. I tried all type of therapy and even some drugs by the doctor and nothing was helping. One of my neighbors suggested I see Jeffrey. These sessions are AMAZING. After the first sessions I felt completely different and my body wanted more sessions so I went back for more. I sleep like a normal person again and have not had a nightmare in months. I dropped 37 lbs, I am happy, and my libido is back! My friends and family keep commenting how young I now look and like I am a whole new person.

Krissy T.


 them”I was 8.5 months pregnant. No one could explain it but my soon to be born son never moved the entire pregnancy. Many test were done and both doctors and mid-wives all said everything tested normal and my soon to be born son appears to be very healthy but for some unknown reason he has moved or kicked the entire time. The concern was not that he was positioned in a ‘sitting up’ ways so we had to prepare for a C-section. I did not want one.. My mom was taking Jeffrey’s class. She asked if he would do a session on me during one of the lunch breaks. With in 2 minutes Jeffrey listened and was able to find out why my boy never moved. It was due to a trauma at my own birth that my mother never told me about. Jeffrey spoke of very specific details and my mom confirmed. In three – four minutes my boy started to kick and and started moving! My mom and I cried as we were so happy.  A few days later by son turned and moved right into position.  I was able to give a natural, easy, home birth that lasted less than two hours! Even the Mid wife commented how ease it was.



I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. I had tried everything when they first found it and said it was at stage 2. Doctors said they caught it early enough and it was still treatable. There was no success after several chemo attempts. I was desperate so I had tried so many alternative things as well that were suggested by natural doctors. Diets, supplements, cleanses, fasts, herbs…. you name it I tried it. Three months ago the doctors had told me there was nothing else they could do and gave me 6 – 8 weeks at most, so I needed to get my affairs in order. I had nothing else to lose so I tried a few of these sessions with Jeffrey. It has been 10 months and I still show no sign of the cancer! And all the other chronic pains I have been having for years due to chemo and other treatments have disappeared too! The doctors cannot explain it but it is funny to hear then try to give themselves credit. Thank you for my life.

Gordon ‘Gordy’ Lawsonn


You will lean how to…


to the instructions of the Body.


what and how the Body needs to heal and evolve.


and the health and well-being of your Body.


and the heath and well-being of their Body.

“Jeffrey’s work is AMAZING and his classes are one of a kind. Jeffrey is an OUTSTANDING instructor who is not interested in showing you how much he knows. He is interested to have you walk out of the course with: I get it! I can do this – now! A true sign of a gifted teacher.”

Dr. Marita Küfe

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